Free Family Fun at the Library

With the use of a library card, Delaware libraries offer services and activities for the entire family.

Wyoming families can do far more than check out books when they visit their local libraries.

The Wyoming Library system offers a plethora of free services that individuals and families can take advantage of with only the possession of a public library card. 

Let’s take a look at a few ways families in Wyoming can use their local libraries to partake in fun times together.

Animated and Talking Books

When it comes to absorbing literature, children and adults alike have different preferences and methods they’d prefer to follow for maximum retention. At the library, Wyoming residents have the option to choose from a wide number of audiobooks and ebooks, and children can utilize BookFlix to see animated versions of their favorite stories. 

In addition, public libraries often offer patrons access to scores of different magazines, TV shows, and movies that will most assuredly enhance family night.

Literacy Programs

In addition to offering library patrons a plethora of formats and ways to access literature, many public libraries also host different literacy programs that children can participate in. When it comes to Wyoming libraries, the various literacy programs available include Wyoming Reads, GoWYLD’s numerous reading resources, and Letters About Literature. Each program is designed to get children interested in literacy by making reading fun, interactive, and engaging. 

Resources for Older Children

Wyoming libraries also offer an array of resources for older children and teens. For example, library patrons have access to research materials such as scholarly articles that would otherwise cost money to view and use for school projects. In addition, Wyoming libraries offer a massive series of research guides that cover an array of different topics. 

Ancestry Information

One fun and interactive way families can spend valuable and educational time together is through the pursuit of ancestral information. Wyoming libraries allow families to access scores of family tree records so that they can explore the many unique individuals that came before them along their ancestral line. 

Public Resources

Many libraries offer additional resources for individuals and families experiencing hardships, even if those services are not listed among the library’s standard services. For example, public resource services might include adult education resources, public assistance resources, training and class opportunities, and much more. If you need something specific and you’re not sure where to find it, feel free to ask your local librarian for assistance.

Online Access

Going to the library also allows patrons to utilize the internet, as well as access to internet-related services (such as classes, business courses, etc.). In addition, some libraries allow patrons to borrow tablets and other electronic devices for use at home. 


In addition to providing families with fun events to take part in, Wyoming libraries also present patrons with the opportunity to broaden their skill sets. The library system hosts an array of unique classes that library cardholders can access in order to learn a new skill that they can use to step into a brighter future. For example, leadership classes, children’s citizenship classes, professional development classes, and classes for maintaining grant compliance name only a few options listed on the library website’s training calendar. 

If you live in Wyoming, your neighborhood library has a lot more resources available to you than just printed books. You and your family can find a wide range of materials and activities by paying a brief visit to one of the many libraries in Wyoming. So, the next time you're searching for a fun activity to do with the whole family, visit your local library for some great suggestions.