McMurry Grant Brings Privacy Phone Booths to Laramie County Library

Privacy phone booths will be available at the Laramie County Library.

Laramie County Library recently installed two new privacy phone booths in the Computer Center, expanding the organization’s ability to provide private space for online job interviews, webinars, virtual meetings, or telehealth calls. 

The additional private space also helps minimize disruptions for visitors using library computers. With ventilation, data and power connections, sound proofing, and a work space, the phone booths are a great resource for students, job seekers, teleworkers, and others. The installation of the new phone booths was made possible thanks to a McMurry Grant to Libraries through the Wyoming Community Foundation.

The library encourages visitors using the phone booths to take advantage of services such as L2B (Library to Business), which assists job seekers in improving their resumes, writing cover letters, finding employment opportunities, and more, while also providing services for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. With a webcam available for use, the library helps empower community members as they navigate the virtual world of employment, medicine, recreation, and more.

The McMurry Grant enabled Laramie County Library to continue expanding its innovative services, adding the phone booths to a long list of non-traditional offerings provided by the library.

The Carol McMurry Library Endowment offers training grants to individuals and grants to libraries in the areas of Education & Training, Library Resources, and Library Foundation Development. Questions about library and individual grants through the Carol McMurry Library Endowment may be directed to Wyoming State Library Library Development Manager Brian Greene at [email protected] or (307) 777-6339.