Mometrix a toolbox for success in Wyoming

The Wyoming State Library through Go Wyld digital resources has Mometrix eLibrary, a new test preparation tool.

GoWYLD digital resources from the Wyoming State Library now include Mometrix eLibrary, a test preparation tool.

For all Wyoming residents with a library card Mometrix eLibrary provides a free toolbox of supplies for passing ones’ next assignment, certification or exam.

Mometrix eLibrary offers focused tools to better equip students and the public for success through 24/7 availability and a user-friendly, customizable, online interface. The tools provided through Mometrix include study guides, flashcards and practice questions for more than 1,500 different standardized exams applicable to all ages and life stages.

“These tools are outstanding in enabling people to further their education and to build careers,” said Paige Bredenkamp, school library consultant at the Wyoming State Library.

The exams cover many categories of study from K-12 tests, college preparation tests, and professional career exams and certifications. In the K-12 tests one may find Common Core exams. Among the college preparation exams one may find ACT, SAT and GRE tools. The professional career exams and certifications cover NCLEX, ASCP, and a series of Praxis exams.

Mometrix covers many more as well, as it’s the largest collection of test preparation with nearly 10 times the exam coverage of other test preparation databases.

To find this toolbox for success go to in the A-Z database under Mometrix or in the Test & Skills Preparation subject area.