Natrona County Library Podcast Studio

If you wanted to start a podcast, the Natrona County Public Library is a great place to start.

When it comes to the resources and opportunities available at your local library, the sky's the limit.

For example, if you’ve ever thought about starting a podcast but you don’t know where to start, or you don’t have the equipment you need, your library is a great place to start. Not only can your local library point you in the right direction, but some public libraries have a recording studio that patrons can use for recording and preparing podcasts. 

Natrona County Library is one such facility, so if you live in the area, read on to learn more about the Natrona County Library Podcast Studio. 

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting refers to the process of preparing and distributing audio content for subscribed users. The audio files, once prepared, are uploaded to a streaming service, and from there, users can listen to the audio episode on either a smartphone, PC, or music-playing device.

Usually, a podcast is delivered in a series, where the host covers a list of related topics that fit into the niche to which the podcast belongs. For example, a podcast on small business management might cover marketing techniques in one episode and ways to make the most out of one’s business tax responsibilities in the next. 

While there is no real format or length that a podcast has to follow, most of these episodes are uploaded according to a regular schedule. A podcast can have a single host and have 30-minute episodes or several guest speakers at a time with episodes that last closer to an hour. It’s all a matter of preference. 

Podcasting Benefits for Small Business

Podcasting became incredibly popular during the pandemic, and for good reason. Whether you’re reaching out to potential audiences as a way to share a hobby, or you’re connecting with a business audience, podcasts offer quite a few incredible benefits. 

Let’s take a look at the biggest advantages of having a podcast when you’re a small business owner.


  • Brand Awareness: Due to the immense popularity of podcasts, thousands of people are tuning in at any given time to learn more about topics that interest them. If you want to make a special place for your business in the minds of your potential customers, a podcast is a great way to help you make your brand become a household name.

  • Ease of Access: People listen to podcasts because they’re convenient. Unlike videos or lectures, a podcast is usually just audio (though some podcasts record video as well). This means that listeners can tune in and absorb content while they’re working on other things. They can commute to and from work or take care of household chores or errands while listening to podcasts. So if you’re trying to find a convenient way to reach your audience, a podcast may very well be the right move.

  • Developing Authority: If you’re knowledgeable on a certain topic, a podcast is a great way to share that expertise with others. When you maintain a reliable podcasting schedule and consistently share useful information, you develop your brand’s authority organically. People begin to trust what you have to say and look to you for guidance on the topic at hand.

  • Connecting with One’s Audience: Again, because podcasting is such a convenient way for consumers to absorb content, podcasts offer business owners a unique opportunity to connect with the audience that tunes in each week. Sharing helpful information with an informative and helpful attitude will help audiences grow endeared to your content. As such, they’ll continue to listen each week so that they can keep gathering valuable insights on topics they care about. 


Natrona County Library’s Podcast Studio

While we’re on the topic of podcasts, it’s worth noting that, for residents of Natrona County, a trip to your local library can help you get up close and personal with podcasting. If you’ve ever been interested in starting a podcast, you’ve come to the right place at Natrona County Library. This is because library patrons are invited to use Natrona County Library’s podcasting studio to start recording their episodes. 

Ordinarily, podcasting can be expensive to start, especially for individuals who don’t have audio recording equipment. Fortunately, though, Natrona County Library has a recording studio that’s already set up with all the bells and whistles an aspiring podcaster could need.

To use the library’s podcasting studio, follow these simple steps:

1- Reserve the studio:

Call Natrona County Library or visit the online booking page to reserve the studio for a time that’s convenient for you. 

(Don’t skip this step, as visiting the library without a reservation may result in someone else using the studio equipment during the time you planned for.)

2- Complete the How-To guide video:

This video tutorial will provide you with all of the information you need to master using the podcasting equipment without running into errors. Take the time to watch the video in its entirety and take notes if needed. 

3- Bring a USB drive with you:

Bringing a USB device with you will enable you to save your content before you leave the studio. That way, you can take your recording home with you and complete any edits you may need before publishing your work.

4- Check in:

Visit the front desk on the second floor to check in.

5- Record your audio: 

Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to record your audio content. Take as long as you need, and double-check throughout your session to make sure the recording has continued.

6- Turn off the equipment when you’re done:

When you’ve finished the segment you planned to record, stop recording and turn off all the equipment you used according to the instructions provided. This way, the next person to make reservations can record their podcast as seamlessly as you were just able. 

Libraries and the staff that keep them operational strive to provide patrons with resources and equipment they can use to pursue meaningful experiences. Creating and sharing a podcast can make a world of difference for small business owners, so if you’re curious about getting started, take a trip to Natrona County Library to ask about the podcasting studio, or fill out the online booking to get started. 

As a small business owner, taking advantage of free studio software and equipment can help put podcasting on your radar. By exploring the studio’s capabilities, you’ll learn how to record your own content and develop skills you can take with you if and/or when you invest in your own in-house podcasting studio.