Wyoming State Library updates search features

The Wyoming State Libraries Digital Suite Collections created an easier path for patrons to locate Wyoming historical and federal documents.

The Wyoming State Libraries Digital Suite Collections underwent a seven-month process to create an easier way to navigate through collections on Wyoming from federal documents to the places, inventors and business owners that make up Wyoming history.

“As the digital collections approach one million files, updates to the system create an easy and fast way to make information readily available and improve service to the public,” said Travis Pollok, legislative librarian at the Wyoming State Library.

The Wyoming State Library Digital Collections Suite upgraded searching features for more than 960,000 digital records in five of the six collections, according to a press release from the library. These include Wyoming Places, Wyoming State Publications, Wyoming Legislation, Wyoming Inventors and Wyoming Trademarks. In Wyoming Places, information about locations as well as modern and historical information on those places are found. Located in Wyoming State Publications and Wyoming Legislation are the government archives that contain bills, state publications and federal documents that pertain to Wyoming. The last two collections updated are those dealing with businesses through the Wyoming Inventors database and Wyoming Trademarks database.

“With multiple collections the key aspect to the digital collection upgrade is the search engine,” Pollock said.

Per the release, the change to the search engine is that of the small icon transitioning into a corner tab search engine. This transition creates a more visible and faster tool for patrons to use when engaging with their interest in Wyoming history. While the process is made easier, those who have previously used the digital collections will find a similar look and feel to the previous search.

For assistance with searching the Wyoming Digital Collections, contact your local library or contact the Wyoming State Library at [email protected] or (307) 777-6333.