Take Your Children to Storytimes at Wyoming Libraries

Storytelling events have been a staple of Wyoming libraries for many years.

Storytelling events have been a staple of Wyoming libraries for many years. Many people still don’t know about this vital resource.  Here’s how storytime can benefit your family and support local libraries. 

What is Storytime? 

As the name implies, storytime is an event hosted by the library in which a librarian or staff member narrates a book to an audience. Although commonly catered toward children, libraries host various storytelling events that can appeal to all audiences. Although they’re free forms of entertainment, they’re also tremendous opportunities for your family to engage with reading. In other words, storytime events showcase a library’s commitment to its community and its essential role in early childhood education. 

Wyoming Storytimes

Many Wyoming libraries host storytime events. To provide a few examples, the Sublette County Libraries of Pinedale and Big Piney, Wyoming host various free events for community members. They host a special summer storytime featuring songs, themes, and free coffee for caregivers. The Laramie County Library recently hosted a storytime at the Wyoming State Museum, and the Wyoming State Library virtually hosts local children’s authors through the Wyoming PBS. 

The Benefits of Storytime

Library storytimes are a free form of essential education for children, caregivers, and families. Storytime events help children improve their reading, communication, and literacy skills while encouraging them to fall in love with reading. However, storytimes are also crucial for introducing children to new perspectives and can help build empathy. 

Storytime events aren’t just for children. They observe activities that can teach you how to engage in storytelling. Storytimes are positive social interaction opportunities for children, allowing parents and caregivers to meet other adults. Some libraries offer family-friendly storytimes where they share stories of all ages.