Teton County Library Opens Wonder Institute Recording Studio

Teton County Library opens a new recording studio.

Study Room 6 at Teton County Library has lately been under construction behind a dark curtain, but clues have slowly revealed its new identity.

First, a red neon “ON AIR” sign was installed, and recently, a window decal told all: Wonder Institute Recording Studio. Library patrons are now able to reserve this specialized space to produce polished audio and visual content for podcasts, YouTube videos, websites, and more.

“We were excited when the Wonder institute approached us about housing their recording studio here at the Library,” said Kip Roberson, Director of Teton County Library. “Their expertise streamlined the creation of this space so the community will be able to access it right away, and sets the stage for the makerspace we’re planning to begin soon, also with the expertise and backing of the Wonder Institute.”

The recording studio is designed to provide a professional atmosphere for content creation, offering a controlled environment with high-quality audio and visual equipment. It’s acoustically treated to minimize unwanted sounds and echoes and is equipped to keep external noise to a minimum. The space is set up to allow multiple participants to comfortably record audio or video content together.

Additionally, the Wonder Institute is providing an editing station that will be housed in the computer lab at the Library. This workspace is designed for the post-production of visual media, with specialized software and hardware that enable the creation of polished, professional-looking videos and images. The suite of software includes the full Adobe Suite, Audacity, GarageBand, and Blender. The software allows users to edit, color grade, and add special effects, and audio to their footage. The Wonder Institute Editing Station will enable content creators to bring their vision to life, crafting polished and visually stunning videos and photos.

Teton County Library’s Strategic Direction 2023-2027 calls for using its spaces in innovative ways. That priority, coupled with a mission to foster learning and inspire creativity, allows library staff to be receptive to projects like the new recording studio and the makerspace to come.