Wyoming Snapshot Day 2023

On October 24, 2023 Wyoming Snapshot Day shows the positive effect of Wyoming libraries for patrons

What is Snapshot Day?
On Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023 we want to collect your stories and photos for Wyoming Library Snapshot Day to show the tremendous impact that the state's libraries have on Wyoming residents every single day. 

That day doesn't work for your library? We invite you to pick a different day that week and still celebrate with us.

Why participate on Snapshot Day?
Snapshot Day will provide tools to use for advocacy with Legislators, Commissioners, local elected officials, donors, and the public. To get the best "snapshot" of the entire state, we need participation from as many libraries as possible, and from all types of libraries — public, academic, school, and special. 

How much work is it?
It's fairly simple. At a minimum, we ask that you collect photos, comments, or both. If you want to do more, some libraries choose to hold special events in conjunction with Snapshot Day or provide video or audio.

How do I participate?
Save the date! And let us know you are participating by emailing Susan Mark at [email protected]. Take a look at the instructions and forms on this site. We'll send out updates and information to you by email. For updates, watch our Facebook page our WSL news blog, the monthly Outrider newsletter, and the Wyoming State Library and Wyoming Library Association email lists. 


Please direct questions to Susan Mark at [email protected] or 307-777-5915.

Wyoming Library Snapshot Day is a project of the Wyoming State Library and the Wyoming Library Association